Air Canada, Air Europa, Lufthansa, Delta cargo, Cargojet, Interjet, Masair, Turkish airlines, Viva air, Emirates, Copa airlines, Latam airlines, Iberia & British Airways, DHL (export).

No. Freight rates are quoted through a freight agent in the country of origin of the merchandise. Transareore (aerosan) does not act as a loading agent.

Yes, a pre-liquidation can be obtained, but they are subject to variations depending on the exchange rate of the day the operation is made, unannounced changes and additional charges for special cargo handling in case the nature of the merchandise thus I require it. It can be obtained in two ways:

  • Direct mail to the customer service area.
  • Pre-qualifier on the website

The process to release a transport document is done as follows:

The client must present himself at the cashier’s window with the payment support, a copy of the original withdrawal authorization letter from the client and the freight / customs agency (copies are only received, when the client is out of Bogota), copy of the company card and the citizenship card. Additional must bring the original consignment support or transfer or pse transaction support. The physical seal of the company you are retiring is required. Otherwise, a validation will be made and in the withdrawal authorization letter it must be left in writing that the company does not use seals and that it is exonerated to be responsible for any responsibility. Hours of operation 07:30 am to 05:30 pm (service is provided after hours with cost).

The release value can be consulted by the following page: www.transaereo.com

  • Enter guide number in the upper left box
  • Click on consult
  • Enter the guide number again in the center box.
  • Click on consult
  • Wait a few seconds and all the shipping information will appear such as: arrival date, completion date, parts, weight, consignee name, airline, flight number, invoice number, daughter guide number (if applicable), customs status, direct download or deposit assignment, transfer time, transfer status.

If no value is found, a copy of the chamber of commerce, rut and identity card of the legal representative must be sent to be created in the database. (contact email: gestion.documental@aerosan.com, caja@aerosan.com)

The client must enter the tracking page of the corresponding airline. It can be ordered by mail to customer service (customer.service@aerosan.com)

The load that can be withdrawn in the transactional facilities is the one that has a direct download assignment; The procedure is as follows: You must submit two packages at the direct download window:

  • Package one: original guide, original statements
  • Package two: two copies of manifested awb, copies of the declarations, consultation of inventory with merchandise lifted, resolution of the day of the person who releases or of the person who signs the authorization letter, mandate, policy, authorization letter of the agency of customs to the person who withdraws, two copies of the card from whom the cargo is removed.

In the area of delivery of direct downloads, doors 47-48, international cargo terminal, el dorado airport. Hours of operation 07:00 am to 05:30 pm (service is provided after hours with cost).

You must identify what type of claim:

  • Complaint about the status of the cargo, should be made directly on the page of the corresponding airline.
  • Complaint about the service provided, must be done by the transactional pqr platform.

Aerosan is an airport services company, a market reference in quality and service issues with more than 50 years of experience in the market. Our company has been a true ally for years of renowned airlines such as DHL, Lufthansa Cargo and Lufthansa, FedEx, LAN Group, nowadays LATAM, Air Canada, Aerolineas Argentinas, Cargo Lux, TAP, Copa, among others, which have allowed its growth and positioning in the Colombian market and where Clients like Lufthansa and the LAN group have placed their trust in the Transaereo service for more than 20 years.

AEROSAN Chile delivers the following services:

  • Import Services
    • Load internment
    • Storage and Custody
      • Dangerous Goods
      • Stock Cage
      • Oversized loads
      • Maintenance and frozen chamber
    • Export Services
      • Download and Palletization
        • Product download
        • Discharge in heated zone
        • Discharge in dry area
      • Storage
        • Frozen chamber
        • Cold rooms / Temperature 0 ° C
        • Special temperature / Temperature -5 ° C to -10 ° C
        • Dry Zone / Non-heated sector
        • Dangerous Goods
        • Stock Cage
      • Special Services
        • Meshed pallet
        • Boxing and pallet wrapping
        • USDA / SAG inspection
        • X-ray inspection
        • Repackaging
        • Sealing with thermal blankets
        • Charging temperature outlet
      • Agency Services
    • Aviation Services
      • Tracked aircraft
      • Loading and unloading of luggage, mail and merchandise
      • Transfer of cargo to warehouses
      • Bath services
      • Drinking water services
      • Interior cabin cleaning
      • Electrical supply
      • Pneumatic consignment
    • Passenger Service
      • Checking passengers at final destination and transit
      • Reception of passengers and luggage upon arrival
      • Issuance and sale of tickets
      • Collection of boarding fees
      • Overweight charge
      • Lost & Found Service
      • Personalized passenger assistance services (disabled care, ambulance, minor accompaniment, etc.)
      • Transportation and personalized assistance to VIP passengers
    • Flight Operations
      • Information of national and international routes
      • Airport information
      • Weather information
      • Preparation of flight plans
      • Stowage of aircraft
      • Earth – air communication
      • Coordination with suppliers of fuel, transportation, catering and hotels
    • Specialized services
      • Agency for airlines
      • Free deposit management
      • Inventory Management
      • IATA instruction center
        Corporate induction
        Human factors.
        Aviation security
        Security and health at work.
        Platform operations.
        Safe equipment handling
        Aircraft trailer.
        Basic charge
        Passenger and luggage traffic.
        Maintenance induction.
        Dangerous goods Cat 8.
        Dangerous goods Cat 6.

The operations of AEROSAN Chile are 24 hours. 365 days a year

AEROSAN Chile is certified under the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standardj

AEROSAN Colombia is certified under the ISO 9001:2015 Bonden Warehouse 

AEROSAN Colombia is certified IATA  for Accreditation Training Schools

AEROSAN Colombia is Certified Regulated Agent in 3rd Country 

AEROSAN Ecuador  is certified  ISO 9001:2015

AEROSAN Ecuador is Certified Regulated Agent in 3rd Country 

AEROSAN Ecuador is Certified BUsiness Allienace for Secure Commerce World BASC organization

AEROSAN Ecuador is Certified Palletizer  temporary deposit